RMS Technologies specializes in Networking, computer, Laptop and Server repair, PC Spyware removal, Malware and Virus removal, computer optimization, Computer setup, Windows installation and repair. We regularly evaluate new technologies and suggest them to our customers and prospects along with proof of concept which can reduce cost and give return on investment to the customer.

Computer Support-Olathe

Irrespective of requirement’s size, RMS Technologies can help in the planning and implementation of your IT infrastructure expansion, or new equipment purchases, technology refresh, hardware rollout, software and licensing to keep you matched with your company's needs.

Protecting your data and hardware from both internal and external threats is very important for all companies. We can implement intranet security policies, content-based firewall configuration, port blocking, throttling, and monitoring across the network.

We also assist you to implement a pre-emptive solution and get a proper virus protection and spyware protection software in place.

We also offer File Recovery, Hard Disk Data Recovery, Data Recovery Services for those who have suffered a loss or failure. ` Lost files or missing data can be recovered. Charges are levied on the amount of data we recover.

Reducing total costs of infrastructure ownership while increasing quality of service is a common challenge for businesses, by applying industry’s best practices and proven, proprietary methodologies, we deliver high-quality, cost-effective solutions that support business strategy.

We also try to negotiate the best price and find best solutions from the IT companies to cater to the needs of our client.

Our Services includes:-

  • Dealing in Assembled & Branded Computers, wide range Of Laptops and Servers.
  • Dealing in Software ( Operating Systems, Branded Software and Antivirus ),Peripherals & USB Devices.
  • Project Analysis & Consultancy.
  • Structural Networking, Wireless Connectivity & Server Setups
  • Annual Maintenance Contracts of PCs, Peripherals, Servers, etc. & Facility management, Service & Support.
  • Turnkey projects Implementation.
  • Online Backup and Recovery, End Point Management, and Asset Management, etc.
  • Total I. T. Solutions, Data Recovery.
  • Onsite Services and Repair.

Areas Covered

We provide a range of Computer Support, Managed IT Services, Structured Networking With Securities, VOIP and Cloud Services in Gujarat state and Surrounded areas.